Philly is Second Worst City in US: Men's Health

According to some lists that have been floating around out there, Philadelphia is a stand-out city; we’re ugly, miserable, obscene, and fat.

At some point, these lists have to amount to something.

Enter Men’s Health, which lists Philly as the 99th worst city for men in America. 99 out of 100. The second worst in the country.

Who did we edge out, you ask? St. Louis, Mo., a city perennially ranked as one of the most dangerous in America.

Here’s a list of their criteria, which includes things like unemployment, obesity rates, homicide rates, and air quality.

But hey, we’re the best city in the world for the holidays. That counts for something, with Valentine’s Day around the corner. Right?

Don’t worry, Philly. You’ll always be number one in our hearts.

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