Philly's Freedom Condom to Fight STDs

Philly has the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and now, The Freedom Condom.

That's the name of the condom wrapper design that got the most votes in the city's an online, public contest.

The city's health department will give The Freedom Condoms away at more than 100 locations to help fight a rising STD rate among teenagers.

"According to a national survey of high school youth, Philadelphia has the highest number of youth who have been sexually active, the highest number who became sexuallyl active before age thriteen, and the highest number of youth who have had four or more sexual partners," Mayor Michael Nutter said in statement. "Yet we have one of the lowest numbers of youth who report using a condom."

Along with giving out the free condoms, the city also launched a teen website, Take Control Philly, to help educate people about safe sex. 

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