Philly Bartender Named 1 of the Best in U.S.

Interested in a creative cocktail to satiate your thirst? One Philadelphia bartender is concocting such tasty and innovative libations that he was named one of the best in the country.

The Daily Meal ranked Vincent Stipo of Vernick Food & Drinks as the 20th best bartender in the U.S.

"Conceptually we are approaching cocktails in a similar fashion as the back of the house," Stipo said. "Basically trying to create drinks that are simple, but pack a lot of flavor and quality."

The national food and drink website, which was founded by eight-time James Beard Award Winner Colman Andrews, released its list -- America's 25 Best Bartenders -- Tuesday.

"Stipo’s cocktail menu is elegant, focusing on solid, beautiful classics," said Jess Novak, The Daily Meal's drink editor.

Stipo says about half of Vernick's cocktail menu are well-executed classics and suggests customers try the Jack Rose, a drink that has been part of the Center City restaurant's repertoire since they opened in May 2012.

The Jack Rose consists of apple brandy, fresh lemon, bitters and a homemade grenadine that includes pomegranate juice, sugar and orange blossom water, he said.

"It has a fresh pop up front and then is balanced with that sweetness of the syrup and a floral tartness," he said.

Stipo was the only bartender from Philadelphia and the greater metro region to make the list, which highlights drink slingers in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco, among others. 

"All those people and programs are top notch," he said. "It puts the whole city and the bartending that we are trying to do here on the map."

But Vernick's head bartender might not be the only Philadelphia bartender to make the list in the future.

Novak says, "Philly is actually a city packed with great bartenders, many of whom deserve to have their praises sung."

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