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College Campuses in Philly Region Freeze for Mannequin Challenge

It's the latest viral movement, the Mannequin Challenge has been done by everyone from high school students to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and even at the White House.

Some groups in our area have accepted the mannequin challenge. Take a look.

Allen Iverson attended the Philadelphia 76ers first win against the Pacers Friday and took part in their rendition of the challenge.

Temple fans did pull off an amazing Mannequin Challenge.

Villanova's Men's Basketball team got involved in the latest internet craze.

The Women's Gymnastics team at Temple University participated in the challenge during practice.

La Salle University had students and faculty involved as they took on the challenge in the registrar's office.

Even the Women's Basketball team got involved in the challenge from the weight room.

The Women's Soccer Team at The College of New Jersey took on the challenge at their practice.

Penn State's football team celebrated a win with the challenge.

Rider Men's Basktball accepted the challenge at one of their practices.

The football team at the University of Delaware also took part in the challenge.

The challenge is reaching far beyond college campuses, take a look at this family's rendition of the challenge during the Eagles game.

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