Viewer Pics: Philly-Area Quake Photos

Here are earthquake photos from around Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware after a 5.8-magnitude quake was felt over much of the East Coast.

13 photos
Teresa Masterson
People poured out of the high rises on Market Street after the quake, staring up at the shattered window.

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Jordan Read
The vase fell off a table in New Jersey.
Peggy Paton
Jars of sauce flew off the shelves of the Giant Supermarket in Exton, Pa during the Aug. 23 earthquake.
This tree in New London Township, Chester County, allegedly came down during the quake.
Miguel Tapia
The picture frame allegedly tilted during the quake in Wilmington, Del.
Amy Flynn
These bricks came calling down from a chimney in Glenside, Pa.
Tim Furlong
Jimmy John's Pipin' Hot Sandwiches in West Chester decided to have some fun with the quake.

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Carl and Elyse Tepper
Bricks fell from the historic Temple B’nai Israel in Burlington, N.J. going right through the windshield of one congregant's car.
Carl Tepper
Here's the shot from the outside of the car. Carl was picking tomatoes in the garden when the quake hit.
This lawn chair in Edgewater Park, N.J. fell over during the quake.
These horses in the Fox Chase section of Northeast Philadelphia were rattled by the quake. Kay says they jumped the fence at a nearby stable and ran into her courtyard. "The one horse looked spooked! That was crazy!"
Ted Greenberg
NBC10's Ted Greenberg was at the Cherry Hill Mall. He took this picture of people being evacuated from Macy's.
John Ziemblicki, a PennDOT contractor with Pickering, Corts, and Summerson, Inc., marks a column during an inspection of an Interstate 95 overpass Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2011, in Philadelphia. The inspection was ordered after Tuesday's earthquake.
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