Philly Activates Command Center After DC Mob Derails Electoral College Vote

Philadelphia officials said they hadn't received any threats or word of possible protests, but leaders were heading into the Emergency Operations Center in case anything unfolded.

Philadelphia Police Car

Philly says it's prepared for "activity" Wednesday night after a violent mob stormed the Capitol Building during the electoral vote count in Washington.

The mob entered the building as Congress worked through objections to the Electoral College votes, a final hurdle before President-Elect Joe Biden can take office. Lawmakers and staff were evacuated from the floor and sent back to their officers or other locations.

States have already certified their electoral votes, a winning portion of which will go to Biden, and court challenges did not change the result.

In a tweet Wednesday evening, Philadelphia leaders said the Emergency Operations Center was being reopened to keep an eye on local "activity."

Leaders including Commissioner Danielle Outlaw work from the EOC during periods of widespread protest, like those that broke out in October following the killing of Walter Wallace Jr. in West Philadelphia.

When asked for comment and if the city was prepared in case residents were going to protest, Philadelphia Police referred NBC10 to the city's tweet.

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