Philadelphia Zoo’s Baby Gorilla, Amani, Turns Four This Month

Amani, the baby gorilla born into the Philadelphia Zoo in August is turning four this month. So what has Amani been up to the past four months? The Philadelphia Zoo shows us.

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Philadelphia Zoo
Amani, the baby gorilla born to the Philadelphia Zoo in August, will be 4-months-old on December 26th.
Philadelphia Zoo
Honi, Amani's mom, still carries Amani on her arms, but frequently puts the baby down so she can practice crawling.
Philadelphia Zoo
Amani now has six teeth, and is learning to eat new solid foods.
Philadelphia Zoo
Although Amani is starting to try solid foods, she still needs milk from her mom for the next couple months. Even after that, Amani will continue to nurse from time to time for three to four years, zoo officials say.
Philadelphia Zoo
You might also find Amani in the indoor exhibit, where Honi puts her sometimes to keep her contained.
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