Philadelphians to Make it Home Despite Strike

British Airways plans to strike this weekend, end of March

British Airways cabin crew began the first part of a seven-day strike that's expected to create a major disruption for thousands of travelers -- except those lucky enough to be coming into or departing Philadelphia Saturday.

Robert and Katharine Meckenburg, both 79, who were flying into Philadelphia told the BBC said that, so far, they had suffered little or no disruption.

"We checked in online and we're waiting to check our bags, so as far as we know we're flying," said Robert Meckenburg. "We were concerned about getting back home, but it seems O.K."

After cancelling more than 1,000 flights, the airline has been scrambling to deal with the strike, chartering planes from rival airlines, drafting in volunteer crew from among its other work force and rebooking some passengers on other services as it tries to keep as many passengers happy as possible, according to the AP.

The strike, which will continue through Sunday and again on March 27, 28, 29 and 30, has already cost the airline more than $37 million in business, said some industry analysts. The British Airways crew is striking over changes to workers' pay and conditions, including a switch to part-time work for 3,000 employees and a pay freeze this year.

British Airways normally has two arrivals and two departures out of PIA, and those -- including the one the Meckenburgs are on -- are still scheduled for today.

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