Lions & Tigers & Bears in the Snow at Philadelphia Zoo

Tuesday's snowfall covered the Philadelphia Zoo leaving some of the animals enjoying the fluffy white cover.

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Philadelphia Zoo
Snow doesn't just fall on sidewalks and driveways, it also covers the animal enclosures at the Philadelphia Zoo. The lions and tigers and bears of Philly got to enjoy and play in the snow Tuesday.
Philadelphia Zoo
One of four lion cubs, born in June of 2014, plays in the snow. Their first winter is one of the coldest on record but they seem to be enjoying it.
Tigers are the only big cat known to like water, even swimming when it's hot outside. Now that it's cold and snowing the tiger looks like he enjoys frozen water too. Tigers have a thick fur coat and a layer of fat to tolerate temperatures as low as -45 degrees.
Philadelphia Zoo
The polar bears at the Philadelphia Zoo finally get some snow! Polar bears have clear fur and black skin but the light reflecting off the snow makes them look white. Klondike and Coldilocks of the Philly Zoo had a blast during the snow day.
Philadelphia Zoo
Snow leopards are solitary animals but it looks like the snow brought them out to play! Unlike the tigers or lions, snow leopards do not roar, instead they purr. They are also known as the least aggressive of the big cats and one of the most rare.
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