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Bus driver hurt while caught in crossfire of triple shooting

At least four people were shot in two separate shootings along West Ashdale Street in Philadelphia's Olney neighborhood Thursday morning

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A bus transporting elderly people got caught in the crossfire of a triple shooting in the Olney neighborhood Thursday morning, leaving the driver injured, Philadelphia police said.

The shooting near 2nd and Ashdale streets was one of two shootings that occurred within blocks of each other Thursday, Philadelphia Police Inspector DF Pace said.

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The bus driver was shot around 8:50 a.m. as he transported about a dozen older people on a private white bus, Pace said.

The 56-year-old bus driver was struck in his torso and listed in stable condition at the hospital, police said. Despite being shot, he managed to continue driving before stopping the bus at North 9th Street and the Roosevelt Boulevard.

"The bus simply got caught in the crossfire," Pace said. "It's certainly intolerable."

In the same shooting near 2nd and Ashdale, a man -- believed to be in his 30s was shot in the head and found in a nearby alley, police said. That man was listed in "extremely critical condition" at the hospital.

A third person would wind up walking into an emergency room for treatment. Police didn't reveal any details about his injuries, but Pace said that man was in stable condition.

It wasn't clear if multiple people were shooting at each other or not, Pace said. Police found evidence that more than a dozen shots were fired.

An unrelated shooting took place just after 7 a.m. inside the living room of a home along the 400 block of West Ashdale Street, police said.

In that earlier shooting, a man in his late 30s was shot in the back, police said. He was listed in stable condition at the hospital.

While officers investigated that shooting on the 400 block of West Ashdale, they heard the gunshots from the shooting about two blocks away and rushed to that scene, Pace said.

An arrest was made and a weapon was recovered in the shooting inside the home on the 400 block of West Ashdale, police said.

Investigators continued to search for the shooter or shooters in the later shooting that injured the bus driver.

There are additional resources for people or communities that have endured gun violence in Philadelphia. Further information can be found here.

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