‘I Want Them to Pay': Grieving Mother Speaks on Suspects in Son's Murder

Timothy Sherfield, 28, and James MacGregor, 20, are both charged in the murder of Izeem Hunter, 23.

Kim Hunter fought through the tears as she spoke about the two men accused of taking her son's life.

"I want them to pay for what they did to my son," she said. "He didn't deserve that. He didn't."

Izeem Hunter
Family Photo

Her son Izeem Hunter, 23, was shot and killed inside a mini market on the 5500 block of Torresdale Avenue back on April 11. Timothy Sherfield, 28, and James MacGregor, 20, were both arrested and charged in his death last week.

Investigators believe Sherfield and MacGregor were seeking revenge for a shooting that occurred an hour earlier and less than a mile away that same day. Two rival groups opened fire along Benner Street. Michael Gleba, the 56-year-old owner of Northeast Speedomer Services, was hit by stray bullets and died from his injuries.

Two other men were arrested in connection to Gleba's death Thursday.

Police say Izeem Hunter was not involved in the Benner Street shooting and he wasn't who Sherfield and MacGregor were specifically looking for. The gunmen still knew who he was however, according to investigators.

"The ones that took my son's life, they don't know what they took," Kim Hunter said. "They don't know how they hurt people. They don't know."

A third deadly shooting occurred in North Philadelphia that same day. A 29-year-old man was shot and killed on the 800 block of W. Somerset Street.

As of Thursday night, the total number of homicide victims in Philadelphia for the year is at 102, up 16% from the same time last year.

Timothy Sherfield James Macgregor
(L to R) Timothy Sherfield, James MacGregor. See full-sized image here.
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