Philly Makes Top 10 in Public Transit Use Study

Do you ride SEPTA to work, the store or just to get around Philadelphia?

Riders in Philly take advantage of the city’s Top 10 transit system of buses, trolleys, trains and subways, according to a Smart Asset study of “The Best Cities for Public Transportation.”

The study – that looked at commute times, amount of people using public transit and the income of people using mass transit into account – listed Philly as the ninth-best city for mass transit usage.

“Roughly 171,000 workers in the city of Philadelphia use public transportation, the fourth largest number of any U.S. city,” said the study. “…The various types of trains account for more than 290,000 rides on a typical weekday, while buses and trolley buses move about 490,000.”

Philly places just behind Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (No. 8) and Jersey City, New Jersey (No. 7) in the study where Washington, D.C. came out on top.

The study found that Philadelphians take around 30 minutes to commute by car while they spend 44 minutes on transit and that only 27 percent of the population use public transit.

The study didn't mention transit options like SEPTA and PATCO by name.

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