Philadelphia Schools Post Inspection Reports

The reports are posted online.

The NBC10 Investigators have been trying to find out what the conditions are in your kid’s school cafeteria for years. 

Back in 2004, the Investigators even battled the City of Philadelphia for access to inspection reports when the city wanted to charge us thousands of dollars for the paperwork. While doing that report, the Investigators got a promise from then School Superintendent Paul Vallas that he would post inspection reports, both on line and in the buildings. To see the Investigators original report from November of 2004, click here.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to find out conditions for your child’s school, so we’ve surveyed a number of school districts throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware to see if they post inspection reports on line.  Some tell the NBC10 Investigators that they’ve never thought about it before but because of our call they would now consider posting inspection reports.  Others pointed out that their reports are posted on either county or state government websites, so they don’t plan to post them on school websites.

Here’s just a few of the government websites which post the reports:

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is currently working on updating their list of schools throughout the state and eventually plan to have every school throughout the state on there.

Camden County Inspection reports:


Delaware Inspections:

Philadelphia Inspections

If you can’t find your child’s school on these links, don’t be afraid to give the school a call and ask to see their latest report.


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