Report: Philadelphia Ranks 16th Dreariest City in U.S.

Philadelphia is dreary -- so dreary in fact there are only 15 cities drearier, according to meteorologist Brian Brettschneider.

Brettschneider ranked the City of Brotherly Love the 16th dreariest city in the country.

“Dreary,” to Brettschneider, “does not have a scientific definition…In my mind, a dreary day is wet and gray – therefore, this analysis only used variables that reflect those characteristics.”

Brettschneider ranked 73 major cities with 250,000 residents or more to determine where it's dreariest.

The “Dreary Index” takes into account an area’s total rainfall, number of wet days, and cloud cover.

Philadelphia scored a 23 out of the possible 30 on the “Dreary Index.”

Buffalo, New York took the most dreary city with an index of 27 followed by Seattle and Pittsburgh. Baltimore and Chicago, on the other hand, only scored 22 or 21 out of 30.

Where are the least dreary cities? Las Vegas and Phoenix both scored a three according to Brettschneider.

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