Suspect Runs Off in Underwear as Philadelphia Police Shoot Pit Bull While Serving Warrant

A suspect escaped in only his underwear as authorities served a search warrant Friday, shooting a dog that charged at them, according to Philadelphia Police.

Officers were helping the First Judicial Court’s Warrant Unit serve the warrant at a home along Weikel Street near Ann Street in the city’s Port Richmond section around 5:45 a.m.

Officers waited to enter the home after a resident agreed to move several pit bulls from inside the home to the backyard, said Philadelphia Police Captain Nicholas Brown.

Once an officer entered the home, the suspect — wanted for failure to appear on felony drug charges — made a run for it, leaving the back door open and allowing the dogs to come back inside, said Brown.

"Once the dogs were in, they began to charge at officers,” said Brown. "One officer fired his service pistol three times, striking the dog."

Animal control officers took in the dog and treated it for gunshot wounds.

The suspect ran off eastbound down Clearfield Street shoeless and in only his underwear.

"Just his boxers," said Brown.

Investigators had yet to capture the man later Friday morning.

Authorities believe the dog's owner had intended for the animals to go back inside the home, Brown said.

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