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Australian Police Return Lost Philly Police Pendant to Daughter of Retired Detective

Kristen Bresch, a New Jersey-born woman living in Melbourne, Australia, was recently reunited with a precious pendant she thought was lost forever. On Saturday, April 2, a gold pendant was spotted on the ground in the Central Business District of Melbourne, Australia and handed in at the Melbourne East police station.

The pendant was engraved with the Philadelphia police emblem on one side and an inscription reading, “To Kristen From Dad 12-25-77” on the other.  According to Bresch, the pendant was a Christmas gift her father, who is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s, gave her in 1977. The police posted a detailed announcement on their website about the recovered pendant on Monday, April 4 and asked the community to call with any information.

Bresch told police she spent "all weekend crying to my sister in New Jersey” after losing the necklace. Luckily, Bresch’s friend heard about the Victoria Police Facebook post on the radio and called her to let her know it had been found.

On April 5, three days after the pendant was originally found, Kristen was reunited with the treasured keepsake by members of the Melbourne East Police Station.

“My faith in people has been restored," she said. "I feel so lucky.”

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