“Where Is the Dog?” Uniformed and Armed Philadelphia Police Officer Accused of Stealing Dog in New York

Philadelphia Police Officer Angel Lopez faces multiple charges of robbery, larceny and assault in Brooklyn, New York

A Philadelphia Police officer is accused of traveling to Brooklyn, New York, in full uniform — including his police-issued gun — breaking into his girlfriend's brother's home, assaulting the brother and stealing his Maltese dog.

Officer Angel Lopez faces multiple charges of robbery, larceny and assault.

Court records in New York say he broke into the man's bedroom in his Philly police gear and yelled, "Where is the dog?" His gun, cuffs and shield were fully visible, the court records say.

The New York Daily News identified the person with Lopez as his girlfriend, and the Brooklyn resident as the girlfriend's brother.

Lopez pushed the man several times and hit him, according to New York court records. At one point, Lopez grabbed the man's belt and told him, “If you hit me, I am going to arrest you for assaulting a police officer."

The victim tried to take his dog and leave and said he didn't want trouble, the records said.

But the two held him down, and Lopez put his arm on the man's neck and pressed down, the court records say. The other person grabbed the dog out of the man's hand and the two left with the dog.

The man was left bruised and in pain, with difficulty breathing, the police records say.

Lopez has been a Philly officer since June 2017. He most recently served in Philadelphia's 18th District.

He will be suspended with the intent to dismiss, according to a statement from Philadelphia police.

Lopez's attorney, New York-based Todd Spodek, claimed that the complainant has "a history of fabricating stories against Mr. Lopez and his family." Eyewitnesses contradict the criminal complaint and said that Lopez "acted appropriately at all times," Spodek said. "I anticipate Mr. Lopez being permitted to return to the force shortly."

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