Philadelphia police

Philadelphia Police Detail Arrest in Bank Fraud Scam

A Philadelphia man bilked people and banks out of at least $30,000 in a fraud scheme that has been going on for months, detectives tell NBC10.

Raymond Starr, 21, was arrested early Friday along with two other associates involved in the ring, police said.

Starr would approach young adults on local college campuses and popular areas like South Street and, after striking up a conversation, would ask for help depositing a check for him, Philadelphia Police Major Crimes Unit Capt. Rowland Lee said.

"He would con you by saying 'I don't have a checking account, can you please deposit this check in your account and I'll reimburse you,' or something to that nature," Lee explained.

The victim would deposit the check, Starr would withdraw the money and both the victim and bank would be left holding the bag, according to Lee.

Detecives have identified dozens of victims, but they expect find more as they continue to investigate the case. Lee said a number of the bad checks were deposited at area TruMark Financial locations.

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