Philadelphia City Council Seats: Primary Winners

UPDATE: As results come in, we will keep you updated on 32 of 1686 precincts have yet to report. Percentages are as of 11:51 p.m.

Voting came to a close in Philadelphia at 8:00 Tuesday night, and the city council spots have all been tallied. Most district seats were run uncontested, but the at-large field for City Council seats featured a numerous amount of candidates vying for simply seven seats.

In the Second District, incumbent Kenyatta Johnson defeated Ori Feibush. Incumbent Maria Quinones-Sanchez held her seat in the Seventh District as well.

The at-large race featured some close finished. Incumbents Blondell Reynolds Brown and William Greenlee have kept their seats and will join newcomers Allan Domb, Helen Gym and Derek Green on the City Council. Both Republican at-large incumbents, David Oh and Dennis O'Brien, held on to their seats as well.

Here's how all the primary races sorted out for Philadelphia City Council:

(Note: A ** next to a candidate's name recognizes them as an incumbent for the given seat.)

FIRST DISTRICT: Mark Squilla (D) -- Uncontested

SECOND DISTRICT -- Contested (97.14% Reported)

  • 37.29% Ori Feibush (D)
  • 62.67% Kenyatta Johnson** (D) WINNER

THIRD DISTRICT: Jannie Blackwell (D) -- Uncontested

FOURTH DISTRICT: Curtis Jones, Jr. (D) -- Uncontested

FIFTH DISTRICT: Darrell Clarke (D) -- Uncontested

SIXTH DISTRICT: Bobby Henon (D) -- Uncontested

SEVENTH DISTRICT -- Contested (99.36% Reported)

  • 46.26% Manny Morales (D)
  • 53.74% Maria Quinones-Sanchez** (D) WINNER

EIGHTH DISTRICT: Cindy Bass (D) and Michael Galganski (Free Dominion Party) -- Uncontested

NINTH DISTRICT: Cherelle Parker (D) and Kevin Strickland (R) -- Uncontested

TENTH DISTRICT: Brian O’Neill (R) -- Uncontested

DEMOCRAT AT LARGE CANDIDATES: Can vote up to 5 (98.10% Reporting)

  • 3.00% Wilson Alexander
  • 5.09% Jenne Ayers
  • 9.78% Blondell Reynolds Brown** WINNER
  • 2.66% Carla Cain
  • 7.12% Sherrie Cohen
  • 8.94% Allan Domb WINNER
  • 7.21% W. Wilson Goode, Jr.**
  • 10.71% Derek Green WINNER
  • 7.90% William Greenlee** WINNER
  • 7.64% Helen Gym WINNER
  • 1.68% Marnie Aument-Loughrey
  • 6.34% Ed Neilson**
  • 4.02% Frank Rizzo, Jr.
  • 5.74% Paul Steinke
  • 7.47% Isaiah Thomas
  • 4.71% Tom Wyatt

REPUBLICAN AT LARGE CANDIDATES: Can vote up to 5 (98.10% Reporting)

  • 16.21% Dennis O’Brien** WINNER
  • 18.01% David Oh** WINNER
  • 13.20% Al Taubenberger
  • 15.13% Dan Tinney
  • 15.73% Terry Tracy
  • 10.03% James Williams
  • 11.65% Matt Wolfe
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