Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia Airport Sky Caps, Wheelchair Attendants Demand Better Wages

Workers at Philadelphia International Airport walked off the job Thursday morning as they demanded higher wages and better treatment at work.

The work action took place outside Terminal B/C as dozens of non-union baggage handlers, wheelchair attendants and airplane cleaners demanded a living wage, better health benefits and paid sick leave.

The workers are contracted out by the airport or largest carrier, U.S. Airways, by companies like Aviation Services and PrimeFlight Airline Services. Some of the workers get paid as little as $7.25, said organizers. Some workers claimed they get paid even less and work off tips.

Around 500 or so workers were expected to participate in the work action, which included a rally at the airport and at United Methodist Church on N Broad Street, throughout the day, said organizers

The airport said airlines made appropriate measures to ensure travel continued as normal. The work action didn’t seem to delay flights as early departures left on or close to schedule early Thursday.

None of the major airlines responded to NBC10's request for comment.

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