Water Main Break Impacts Inside and Outside of Philly International Airport

The 24-inch water main broke in one of the airport’s economy lot Monday.

Philadelphia International Airport was without water for several hours Monday due to a water main break that flooded a parking lot.

The 24-inch water main broke in one of the airport’s economy lots Monday around 5 p.m., forcing many people to drive and walk through water.

"Everybody had to walk without shoes," said Roberto Santes.

Santes said his SUV may have been damaged by the water.

"You can see my brake is all the way in," Santes said. "That means the brake is wet."

There was no water pressure throughout the airport's terminals for several hours due to the break.

Staff members distributed hand sanitizers to airport restrooms while cooking operations at airport restaurants were suspended. Bottled beverages and packaged food were available at various concessions.

Antonio Cortes told NBC10 there was no water in the toilets and passengers couldn't go to the bathroom.

Crews with the Philadelphia Water Department closed several valves trying to find the one responsible for the break. They were able to contain the break and re-establish water pressure inside the airport nearly three hours later.

Airport staff will clean the mess left behind while insurance workers will determine how badly the cars were damaged.

Some cars were relocated in Section H of the economy lot, the airport said. Anyone trying to find their car can call 215-683-9842 for assistance.

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