Truck Gets Stuck, Damages Covered Bridge in Cherry Hill

A covered bridge in Cherry Hill suffered major structural damage Monday when a tractor-trailer trying to cross, got stuck.

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NBC10 Augie Conti
A tractor-trailer trying to cross a bridge on Covered Bridge Road in Cherry Hill got stuck Monday.
NBC10 Augie Conti
The truck was apparently taller than the posted 12'-6" limit.
NBC10 Augie Conti
Emergency crews let air out of the tires of the truck to lower it.
NBC10 Augie Conti
The truck was then able to drive out from under the covered bridge.
NBC10 Augie Conti
Damage to the main beam could be seen after the truck was freed. Officials on the scene told NBC10 repairs to the bridge could take weeks.
NBC10 Augie Conti
Crews then re-inflated the tires of the truck. There was minimal damage to the truck in the incident.
The bridge reopened for vehicular and pedestrian traffic Wednesday. Intermittent closures for additional repairs may take place in the near future however. Officials say they will provide notice before those closures.
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