Pope’s Barber Cuts Ramon’s Hair

Before he was elected Pope, Fr. Jorge Bergoglio, got his hair cut right up the block from where he lived next to the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Telemundo 62's Ramon Zayas got his hair cut by the barber while interviewing him about the pope.

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Karen Araiza
Telemundo 62's Ramon Zayas got his hair cut at the very same barber shop Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio frequented in Buenos Aires before he was elected pope and took the name Francis.
Karen Araiza
Karen Araiza
Ramon sat in the very chair Bergoglio would sit when he came in to get both his hair and nails trimmed.
Karen Araiza
The pope's picture is tucked in the mirror at that station, right behind the hair spray!
Karen Araiza
Like most of the people we met who knew the pope, the barber tells Ramon Bergoglio is just a normal guy. It was really no big deal when he came in to get his hair cut, and he never wanted any special treatment. He insisted on waiting in line just like anyone else.
Karen Araiza
The barber shop is about two blocks away from where Beroglio lived, right next to the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, before he went to Rome.
Karen Araiza
It's one of the few places in the neighborhood that even promotes that Pope Francis was a regular. One person who worked closely with him told us Cardinal Bergoglio was so low profile that when he was elected, people called the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, angry and made statements like, "Why didn't you tell us we had this man in our midst?!"
Karen Araiza
The week of July 6, Telemundo 62 and NBC10 will air an exclusive series of reports by Ramon Zayas and Jim Rosenfield at 6 and 11 p.m. on their respective channels.
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