Say Your Goodbyes to this Iconic Philly Store After 60 Years

On Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia sits an iconic, family-owned business that has served the community for generations.

A Man's Image is a men's clothing store that sells clothes, shoes and accessories.

After 60 years of business, 75-year-old owner Abe Mandel, better known as "Dr. Abe." has announced that the store will be closing.

“The most difficult part about closing our doors is that I will really miss the many people who have not only been customers for many, many years, but more importantly have become friends with whom we have shared experiences, seen our children become adults, and shed a tear in times of sadness and happiness,” Mandel said.

Although he said the decision was difficult, Mandel looks forward to the next chapter of his life and is eager to enjoy retirement and spend time with family. The store's going-out-of-business sale will begin March 17.

What's on the horizon for this South Philly location? A new restaurant is in the works -- stay tuned.

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