Pennsylvania's Turning Blue

Battleground state takes on a more Democratic look

Pennsylvania is turning blue.  Battleground Pa is taking on a more Democratic look, according to the latest registration statistics.

Democrats now outnumber Republicans by almost 1.2 million statewide.

The change in numbers may be due to the Pa primary, analysts said.

Through Monday, an all-time high 8.7 million Pennsylvania voters had registered.  Democrats showed a net gain of 614,008 in the last four years. 

Still, it isn’t clear how the numbers will affect vote totals, but it appears the Pa landscape is more welcoming to donkeys than elephants.

Both John McCain and Barack Obama spent $27 million in TV advertising through the end of September.

Pennsylvania is a state to win, with 21 electoral votes.  And it seems the donkeys have it.


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Still, the Republican Party is "troubled" by the Democratic gains, but GOP spokesman Michael Barley questioned how many new voters would actually show up on Nov. 4 to vote, how they would vote, and question the validity of thousands of possibly fraudulent voter registrations.   

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