Big Rigs Collide on the Turnpike

Three big rigs and one car collided this morning along one of the area’s busiest highways backing up traffic through the morning rush.

The total delay in Bucks County took nearly seven hours to clear.

The vehicles collided along the eastbound lanes of the Pennsylvania Turnpike approaching the Street Road (No. 352) Exit around 6 a.m.

SkyForce10 quickly got to the scene.

The force of the wreck pushed the barricade into part of the westbound lanes.

All traffic was stopped behind the wreck in the eastbound lanes and only one lane got by in the westbound direction for about an hour until those lanes were also closed temporarily to clear some debris before being opened again.

Police diverted cars at Exit 351 (Bensalem) leading up to the wreck.

One of the tractor-trailer drivers was temporarily trapped in the cab but was conscious and alert, according to state police.

Police said they expected the roadway to be closed until at least 11 a.m. It would take nearly another two hours for all lanes to be opened around 12:50 p.m.

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