Drink Up: Pennsylvanians Love Jack Daniel’s, Fireball & Vodka

Jack Daniels PLCB
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

Pennsylvanians love to sip on (or take shots of) Fireball, Jack Daniels and any type of vodka.

Those were some of the findings the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board revealed in its 2014-15 Annual Report and Retail Year in Review released earlier this week.

The PLCB reported that vodka made up more than 13 percent of total sales -- nearly $262M in sales -- over the past year. Pa. Fine Wine & Good Spirits sold more bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey’s 750 mL than any other liquor while Jack Daniel’s Old Number 7 Tennessee Whiskey 750 ML garnered the most money in sales. Two versions of rail vodka – Nikolai and Jacquin’s – came in at 3rd and 4th in unit sales.

In Pennsylvania where all liquor and wine must be sold through state-run stores, those wine and spirits shops took in more than $2.26 billion in sales – more than half of those sales in spirits. And, stores in Philadelphia and its immediate suburbs (Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties) along with Allegheny County in western Pennsylvania made up more than 50 percent of all sales in the commonwealth.

Booze buyers also may want to avoid Saturday mornings if they want avoid longer lines at liquor stores. The PLCB said that 10 a.m. Saturday is when they make the most sales.

Click here for more findings about liquor and wine sales in Pennsylvania, including the top-selling wine brand (hint, its Barefoot).

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