Pennsylvania Lawmaker Proposes Bill Prohibiting Employers from Planting Microchips in Employees

Ever get agitated by how fast technology is advancing?

In other words, has the high-tech world ever ... gotten under your skin?

A Pennsylvania lawmaker from Bucks County has just the idea for slowing technology's roll.

State Rep. Tina Davis, a Democrat from Levittown, is proposing a bill that prohibits employers from forcing "employees to have a sub-dermal microchip implanted on their bodies."

She came up with the idea after seeing news reports about a Wisconsin company that has been implanting microchips in employees' hands, Davis said in a statement Thursday.

"An employee’s body is their own and they should have the final say as to what will be added to it," Davis wrote to her House colleagues. "My bill will protect employees from being punished or retaliated against for choosing not to have the sub-dermal microchip or other technological device implanted."

Jeff Baenen/AP Images

According to Davis, California, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Wisconsin have laws that prohibit mandatory implantation of microchips.

The legislator was not available for comment Thursday.

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