PennDOT Is Inviting Drivers to Give Them Feedback on Their Winter Services. Yes, Really.

Drivers who live or work in Pennsylvania are encouraged to take the online survey.

What to Know

  • Pennsylvania's Department of Transportation is soliciting feedback from drivers through a new online survey.
  • The survey asks questions about snow removal priorities, PennDOT's performance during inclement weather & how drivers receive information.
  • The survey will be available to the public until May 7.

If you're tired of driving through mountainous piles of snow during your commute, PennDOT wants to hear from you.

Pennsylvania's Department of Transportation announced it is soliciting feedback about its winter services, like clearing snow, from drivers through a new online survey.

The transportation department announced the survey on its official Twitter account.

Users are being asked to share their feedback on how PennDOT did this winter clearing some major routes and secondary roads so the company can identify its potential strengths and opportunities, according to the survey.

PennDOT’s survey will be available to the public until May 7.

NJDOT and DelDOT are not currently conducting surveys to get feedback, but both of their websites have pages where drivers can report issues including potholes, broken traffic signs and snow removal problems. Click here to access NJDOT’s contact page or here for DelDOT’s.

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