Penn State Knows How to Party: Playboy

Happy Valley boasts the 2nd-best party school around, according to Playboy

Students in Happy Valley can raise a glass because they are being recognized for partying with the best of them.

Penn State is No. 2 on Playboy’s 2011 Top 10 Party Schools in North America.

Playboy Magazine got “input from students, fans of Playboy’s social media pages, alumni, feedback from Playboy campus representatives at schools across the country, and interviews with countless others,” they said.

Other factors like male-female ratios, winning sports teams (go Nittany Lions), proximity to the mountains, beaches and lively music scenes also played a role in picking the Top 10, Playboy said.

The only school that beat PSU on Playboy’s list was the University of Colorado at Boulder, which like Penn State boasts ski slopes, a great bar scene and a lively music scene.

But, Boulder doesn’t have JoePa or the Gingerbread Man or the Dark Horse or the Deli.

We are! Penn State!

As for the University, they don’t take the Party school distinction as anything significant considering it wasn’t a scientific study that went into the ranking, said officials.

“These type of rankings aren’t something we take seriously,” said spokesman Geoff Rushton.

Penn State does however take alcohol consumption seriously, Rushton said.

But, the University of course wants students to have fun as long as they do so responsibly, he said.

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