UberX, Lyft Vow to Keep on Driving Despite Philly Operation Agreement Ending

This Friday marks the end of the state's temporary legislation that allowed ride-sharing companies to operate in Philadelphia, a stopgap bill that if made permanent would generate an estimated $7 million annually for the beleaguered School District of Philadelphia.

Yet the two major players in the local ride-sharing market – Uber and Lyft – disagree on whether Harrisburg should adopt the temporary structure, outlined in Act 85, that's already been in place for three months.

"Since the temporary ride-sharing framework passed this summer, Philadelphia has seen tens of thousands of dollars from Lyft alone go to our city schools," said Chelsea Harrison, Lyft senior policy communications manager.

Based on ridership and the projected growth of the ride-sharing companies in the local market, estimates put the potential for yearly funds from Uber and Lyft to the city schools between $3.4 million and $7 million.

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