Agreement Reached to Redevelop SS United States

ss united states conservancy

Traveling on Columbus Boulevard near Oregon Avenue, it's nearly impossible to miss the SS United States. Once a grand ship that's 100 feet longer than the Titanic, it's now rusty and faded.

But an ongoing effort to revitalize the ship is gaining ground. Led by Susan Gibbs (who's grandfather designed the vessel) a group called the SS United States Conservancy announced on Monday that it entered into a preliminary agreement to support the redevelopment of the ship.

"Negotiations have been underway for some time, and planning will continue with a variety of stakeholders," the announcement says. It does not reveal the stakeholders, but said the organization will receive support to cover the vessel's core carrying costs for at least an additional three months. Tom Basile, advisor to the Conservancy, declined to offer specifics on the agreement or the organization's immediate plans for the ship.

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