Colleen Knudsen

SEPTA All-Electric Buses to Debut on 2 Routes as Early as December

If you want to reduce carbon emissions, one of the easiest and most effective things you can do is to trade in your daily commute by car for taking the bus. Estimates vary on just how much impact this has — it depends on how many others take the bus, or how fuel efficient your car is, for example — but it’s safe to say your carbon footprint will shrink.

And at SEPTA’s Energy Action Plan open house Tuesday afternoon, officials showcased the authority’s efforts to make that switch all the more effective.

“As a whole, mass transportation is one of the best ways to reduce emissions,” said Rebecca Collins, corporate initiative manager for sustainability at SEPTA. “So for every passenger mile traveled, the emissions is about a third [less] than if you were just driving in your own vehicle.”

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