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Pa. Convention Center Sets Record Straight With Stakeholders

Recent changes at the Pennsylvania Convention Center have been highly covered in the last year, including new management and high-profile union issues over new work rules that were implemented to make the exhibitor experience more streamlined and up-to-date after some negative reception.

The two unions barred from working at the center after failing to sign new work rules by a deadline — the Carpenters and Teamsters — have been holding frequent protests outside of the Convention Center about their “lockout,” which leaders at the Convention Center say have cast a “negative light” on the center.

So, in order to address the problems at the Convention Center, leaders sent documents to the center’s stakeholders to give their take on the situation — including one titled "Setting the Record Straight," listing various "facts" and "myths," one such "myth" being the unions' saying they had been locked out.

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