Center City Startup Gets Social for Democratic National Convention

A Center City-based visual monetization startup is using its image and video technology to connect the public to the Democratic National Convention and the party itself "in ways that you have never seen before."

The Democratic National Convention Committee named Curalate as its official technology partner of the 2016 Democratic Convention, giving the Philly tech startup a chance to showcase its service that is already popular with retailers.

"What applies to products will begin to apply to politics, as well," said Curalate CEO Apu Gupta at a press conference Monday. [[383282161, C]]

Users will be able to scroll and click through image galleries on the DNC's website and Instagram account, tapping the photo to receive more information. For instance, the website and Instagram could display a photo of one of the 57 donkeys placed around the city and tapping the image will offer the viewer other details, like a map of other nearby places to explore. These galleries will be replicated in the Wells Fargo Center where the convention will take place.

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