Comcast Lets You Take DVR Recordings on the Go

A new Comcast application has officially warped the meaning of what a television set is. Well, sort of.

The Xfinity TV app, announced Tuesday, allows live in-home streaming of your channel lineup. That means, if you have Comcast’s new X1 platform, you can see exactly what you see on your TV on your IP-connected smartphone or tablet -- TV guide and all (thanks to cloud technology). You also can stream it on your laptop or computer.

In addition, the new app allows users to stream DVR recordings from any room in their home, on any device, and schedule and modify DVR recordings away from home.

But that’s not all. You can download DVR recordings to your mobile phone, tablet or computer, and watch them anywhere, anytime -- no Internet needed. Users are allowed up to 10 pieces of content per device, and they’re allowed up to five devices. They must “check-in” a recording if they want to “check-out” another. Read more about this story on

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(Comcast is the parent company of NBC Universal and NBC10)

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