Pastors Use Church to Commit Mortgage Scam

Investigators consider suspects fugitives

Using the words of God and a promised opportunity of hope in desperation, three Delaware residents stole the foreclosed houses of desperate homeowners.

Jamaar and Rhonda Manlove and their uncle Larry Manlove, allegedly used the Vision Builders Chrisitan Center as a front to commit a mortgage scam, says Del. Attorney General Beau Biden.

Investigators claim that desperate homeowners would go to the Manloves’ church, after allegedly being told there was a buyer who would purchase their home and lease it back to them.

"They’re unable to buy it back, or get the financing to buy it back, and in the meantime, the perpetrator has stolen whatever equity remained in the house," Biden said.


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All three are wanted by the state, but have yet to be located. Visits to the church and their homes proved to be unsuccessful, though it did appear people were inside.

The suspects face charges of theft, conspiracy, and money laundering.

Authorities believe other people may have been hurt in this scam. Those with information are asked to call the Delaware Attorney General's office at 302.577.8600.

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