Partying Priest's Pharmacy is Raided

State insurance fraud agents came with search warrants

Club-hopping clergyman Gregory Malia may be in more trouble now. State insurance fraud agents have raided his pharmacy in Luzerne County, according to the Morning Call.

Agents didn't give up any information on what exactly they're investigating, but the paper reports that in 2007, an insurance company sued Malia, claiming the Episcopal priest and his company, NewLife Home Care Inc., wrongfully collecting $3.6 million in medical claims.

Malia was dubbed the "partying priest" when the New York Daily News posted stories and pictures of him hanging out at some of Manhattan's trendiest bars with beautiful women. Apparently, it was no big deal for him to drop $25,000 on magnums of Dom Perignon, the Daily News reported.

Malia's also accused of pulling a gun on his own daughters’ boyfriend at a bar while two of Malia's lady friends allegedly beat her up and broke her nose.

The Diocese of Bethlehem suspended Malia last and started its own investigation. This summer they gave his a six-month ultimatum: straighten up or get defrocked.


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