‘Pardoned' Rebel Cow Moooves to Woodstock

This "sent to a very nice farm upstate" story is true.

The rebellious cow that was pardoned by Gov. Tom Corbett after escaping an Upper Darby slaughter market last month, will live out the rest of her life at a farm in Woodstock, N.Y.

“Kayli” the cow will be grazing in the Catskills by Monday afternoon, along with the 180 other animals living at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, co-founder Doug Abel told NBC Philadelphia.

Kayli made headlines in June when she broke away from a butcher’s holding pen at a Halal “live kill” market, and ran the streets of Delaware County, running into a car and causing minor damage. A slaughterhouse employee soon arrived and lassoed the cow.

Philadelphia attorney Marianne Bessey and animal advocate Elisa Katz heard about the bovine bravery and helped negotiate Kayli’s release. Gov. Tom Corbett's office “pardoned” the wayward cow, which spent the past two weeks quarantined at Pennsylvania's Quakertown Veterinary Clinic.

Kayli will be joining four steer to be the first female cow at the 23-acre farm, Abel says.

“She’s going to be a wonderful ambassador,” Abel says. “We’re hoping she’ll be somebody so friendly that people can hang out with her.”

Her roommates will include ducks, geese, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens and pigs, the majority of which were also saved from urban “live kill” slaughterhouse situations, according to Abel.

“Sometimes they manage to escape and when they do we always get a phone call,” says Abel.

Kayli’s travels up north were being tweeted from the road Monday:

“Kayli the cow's been delayed in traffic so her ETA is now 1:45pm. She told the driver not to take the 'pike but did he listen? No!”

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