Pa. Woman Finds Chicken Head in Her Takeout Wings

In response to the now-viral incident, the Williamsport restaurant offered the woman a refund and released an apology statement.

A Pennsylvania woman had a jarring discovery when she ordered some chicken wings and allegedly found a fried chicken head in her meal.

Brittani Paulhamus, who is from Williamsport, took to Facebook last week in a post about the noggin she found or her wings. The post has now been shared over 13,000 times.

“Ordered wings from Old School Pizza and received a chicken head,” she wrote. “Was told to call back on Monday and speak to management.”

Paulhamus recounted to TODAY Food that she made her shocking discovery in the middle of eating her meal when she picked up one wing and realized one had an unusual shape to it.

"I picked up the second wing, and all of a sudden, I'm like, 'Why is the shape weird?," Paulhamus told TODAY.

In response to the now-viral incident, Old School Pizza offered Paulhamus a refund and released an apology statement:

"We've been open nearly 13 years, and have sold TONS of wings every week and have never seen anything like this … The supplier is looking into how such a thing could have happened and how it could have passed through so many checkpoints and gone unnoticed," the statement reads. "We thank all of our loyal customers and thank everyone that understands that accidents do happen, and some things are just out of our control."

After all, Paulhamus says she now looks back at what happened in laughter more than in disgust.

"At the end of the day I’m sharing my personal experience and we’re all entitled to our own opinions," Paulhamus concluded on her Facebook post.

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