PA Teams to Compete in National Memory Championship

UPenn Students will be among those challenging four-time defending champs from Hershey High School


Mike Mirski, a UPenn Sophomore will be among about two dozen “mental athletes” competing at the USA Memory Championship this Saturday.

The 19-year-old and his teammates, all from UPenn, will compete for the title that the Hershey High School team has held for four years, according to the Associated Press.

The New York based event challenges its’ contestants ability to remember with events like recalling rows of random numbers or matching hundreds of names with faces.

The competition, in its 15th year, was formed by Tony Dottino. Dottino, a former IBM executive, says he created the event to showcase the abilities of the human brain, according to the AP.

There will be four teams from Pennsylvania this year, including a group of mothers from Hershey who saw their teens compete and wanted to join.  There will also be individuals from all across the country. 

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