Pa. State. Rep. Under Investigation for Possible Ethics Violation

Pennsylvania’s first openly gay state representative is reportedly under investigation by the state Ethics Commission for allegedly accepting prohibited honoraria.

An unnamed individual filed paperwork in March flagging State. Rep Brian Sims' travel reimbursements, according to Philadelphia Gay News. Anything totaling more than $650 in travel and accommodation reimbursements must be disclosed.

“I would like an investigation to be conducted on all of his speaking engagements to ensure that there was no inappropriate acceptance of honoraria and no inappropriate content of his speeches,” the complaint read.

The complaint referenced news stories dating back to 2012 citing Sims’ robust travel schedule and appearances at various universities and companies, Microsoft among them.

"There was one issue that was amended last year in regards to a trip to Microsoft, which was an unpaid event," a spokesperson for Sims said.

Sims, who represents Center City, has denied any wrongdoing.

A spokesman for the lawmaker said Sims "disclosed compensation from every institution he was hired to lecture at in annual statements of financial interests with the Commission. What is being investigated is whether or not the compensation was considered prohibited honoraria, which our legal counsel has assured us it is not."

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