Pa. Police Break Up ‘Exorcism' in Home Depot Lumber Aisle

Dickson City Police say a group was holding an 'exorcism' for the dead trees in the store's lumber aisle.


Straight out of a Conjuring movie? Police in Lackawanna County announced they broke up a reported 'exorcism' that happened inside a Home Depot, in Dickson City Tuesday.

According to a Dickson City Police Department Facebook post, the paranormal incident happened around 3:26 p.m. Monday, when police were called to reports of disorderly people in the store's lumber aisle.

Once they arrived, police say a group was reportedly performing an 'exorcism' for the dead trees within the aisle.

The Department's Facebook post has upwards of 300 comments and 746 shares, with some people commenting that the group 'really wanted to take possession of that lumber'.

The group was later escorted out by police and no arrests were announced.

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