Man Gets 7-15 Years for Dog-Fighting Ring

A suburban Philadelphia man who ran a gruesome dog-fighting operation out of the family home has been sentenced to 7-1/2 to 15 years behind bars.

The Chester County sentencing judge Tuesday said he found 34-year-old Shane Santiago's treatment of animals incomprehensible.

Santiago has been incarcerated since his arrest Dec. 5. He previously pleaded guilty to multiple charges of animal cruelty, child endangerment and other counts.

The dog-fighting ring was run out of Santiago's home in West Brandywine Township. Authorities say his children were exposed to grisly scenes including an animal being stomped to death by a group of men and a pit bull eating another dog.

Santiago's wife Laura Acampora was sentenced last week to 23 months behind bars for failing to shield her children from the gruesome enterprise.

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