Outpouring of Love Floods Social Media in Rembrance of NBC10 Reporter Sheela Allen-Stephens

This tribute video to Sheela Allen-Stephens that was put together in 2005 when she retired from NBC10 after nearly 30 years on the air. Sheela died last week at Bryn Mawr Hospital.

Last week, beloved NBC10 family member, Sheela Allen-Stevens, passed away at Bryn Mawr hospital. Sheela was the entertainment and features reporter at our station for nearly 30 years. 

[PHI] Sheela Allen-Stephens: A Legacy of Laughs

Our Chief Meteorologist, Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz was a dear friend of Sheela's for years and shared a special tribute in rembrance of her life and her legacy of laughs. Along with his heartwarming piece, many shared their stories in remembrance of Sheela and the joy she brought to them-- both in person and through the screen.

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