Out of Work? Get Hired!

Job Fair Tour Hits Philly

Job openings are coming soon to Philadelphia thanks to a new nationwide project.

More about the exact opportunity later -- first let's learn a bit about the group behind the jobs. 

EmploymentGuide.com is a website devoted to “Putting Americans Back to Work,” an innovative job fair series hitting cities all over the U.S. Its aim: to find jobs for 10,000 unemployed Americans.

"More than 400 job offers were made at our first job fair of the series last month in Omaha," said Jeff Littlejohn, vice president and general manager of The Employment Guide and Employment Guide.com.

"With numbers like that, we are confident that we will ultimately put at least 10,000 Americans back to work," said Littlejohn.

EmploymentGuide.com, a branch of its parent company Dominion Enterprises, provide a digital forum where users may browse work available in their area, apply online or take advantage of the online degree programs offered in the site’s Career Education Center.

Some of the featured job listings in Philadelphia include professional driver, movie extra, airline fueling agent, business bookkeeper and registered nurse.

Recent economic struggles and increased corporate lay-offs have left thousands of people out of work.

"We hope to provide economic solutions to our communities and to job seekers," said Littlejohn.

The AARP, the National Urban League, the National Job Corps Association and AMVETS are among the associations extending their support to Employment Guide’s initiative.

Events are open to the public and, even better, are free.

There are nearly 70 job fairs scheduled across the country from now until November, spanning about 20 states.

The job fair tour makes a stop in Philadelphia Wednesday, March 11 from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. at the First District Ballroom and Conference Center located at 3801 Market Street in Center City.

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