Ori Feibush Buys Website Bearing City Council Rival Kenyatta Johnson's Name

It's political gamesmanship for the digital age.

A challenger has bought up a series of Internet domains bearing the name of the Philadelphia city councilman he's looking to unseat.

That means people looking for information on Councilman Kenyatta Johnson at are winding up at a website featuring his opponent Ori Feibush.

Feibush told The Inquirer he's using that domain, along with and, to steer voters to his message.

Johnson's spokesman told the newspaper the move was hacky and self-serving. He added the race won't be decided based on domain names.

The councilman has his own website,, dedicated to his reelection campaign.

Feibush, a real estate developer in the city's Point Breeze section, will face Johnson in May's Democratic primary.

They political rivals are also engaged in a legal battle. Feibush has sued Johnson claiming the councilman played politics by blocking his attempts to buy city-owned land.

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