Old Candidates, Young Voters and Philly’s Future


Philadelphia's mayoral candidates are playing to millennials like never before ahead of a May 19 Democratic primary.

They're embracing progressive positions popular with the under-35 set like pay equity and immigrant rights, universal pre-kindergarten and an end to the police department's stop-and-frisk policy.

They're campaigning at hip bars and co-working spaces, and they're giving the occasional shout out. One candidate told a recent forum he's down with millennials. Another danced her way into a youth summit to a 50 Cent song.

And for good reason.

More than a quarter of Philadelphia's 1.5 million people are 20 to 35. Much of the city's population spike of about 70,000 since 2006 has been attributed to transplanted millennials.

If they vote in force, they could put any of the six Democrats on top.

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