Oink! Scrapple Gets National Props

The Daily Meal identified scrapple as one of "18 American Foods You Have to Travel For"

A staple of the Philly food scene is getting some national love. And it’s not the cheesesteak.

Scrapple, defined by dictionary.com as “cornmeal mush mixed with pork scraps,  seasoned with onions,spices, herbs, etc., and shaped into loaves and sliced for frying,” was identified by The Daily Meal as one of “18 American Foods You Have to Travel For.”

With its Pennsylvania Dutch roots, scrapple is a delicacy that is found at most local diners and even sold at some local convenience stores.

“A fried slice of mashed-together pig parts might not sound like your everyday breakfast item, but it is much loved in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Scrapple is traditionally made with a handful of pork scraps mixed with cornmeal or flour and spices, and pan-fried — for breakfast or just about any other time. Newcomers to scrapple might not find it in their best interest to ask exactly what the "pork scraps" are.

The list identified foods that were “so tied to a place that trying to re-create them or generate a passion behind them anywhere else would be a fool’s errand.”

So what do you think? Is scrapple a good representative of the Pennsyvlania food scene?

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