O'Hara Cheerleaders ‘Too Busy' to Cheer

Turns out that being a cheerleader at Cardinal O'Hara High School no longer means cheering on the sidelines. That, is now the job of a newly formed spirit squad, according to the Delaware County Daily Times.

On Tuesday, August 9, O'Hara's administration informed the girls and their parents of the change.

School principal Marie Rogai says that in years past, cheerleaders have not performed the duties asked of them, according to the Delco Times. She also explains that those duties include, perhaps most importantly, cheering for their school's football and basketball teams -- practice schedules and competitions started to get in the way.

And because Rogai felt the girls were not doing what was required of them, a new plan was hatched -- the spirit squad.

The new squad frees up time for the cheerleaders to practice for and compete in various competitions, reports the paper.

But, according to parents, the extra practice time in lieu of leading crowds, isn't exactly what the cheerleaders -- or their parents -- wanted.

Principal Rogai says, according to the girls, that's not so. The paper reports that some of them even told her, "We just want to do competitions."

Upset parents say that all the cheerleaders want is a compromise, which, ultimately is just what Cardinal O'Hara High School gave them.

Cheerleaders are permitted to try out for the spirit squad while remaining members of the cheerleading team, according to the Daily Times.

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